Accounting is the language of business!

Capital is an accounting construct!

Our vision

  • Working together and innovating to grow sustainably together – that’s part of the vision behind our company.
  • We support the development of entrepreneurial customers.

Our focus

  • We are always up to date with all the latest news in the industry and adapt to changes.
    We provide active, appropriate, and personal responses to clients in a rapidly changing environment.

Our values

  • Perseverance, trust and professionalism are our guiding values.
  • We support our clients by designing global, sustainable solutions in accordance with Romanian legislation.

Our mission

IB CONSULTANTA ȘI CONTABILITATE is a financial and accounting company with a multidisciplinary team that provides a wide range of services to Romanian and foreign companies doing business in Romania, established in the year 2003. The Company is a member of the Romanian professional bodies (CECCAR, CCF, CAFR).

Only by improving modern accounting techniques can you increase your company’s ability to make a profit.

– Ionel Băluțoiu

Our approach

  • Competence, high availability, independence, and absolute confidence are only some elements that are at the base of trustworthy relations of IB CONSULTANȚA ȘI CONTABILITATE with its clients.
  • Having the purpose to offer high-quality services in a continuously changing field, IB CONSULTANȚA ȘI CONTABILITATE is constantly investing in training its team.
    Thus, IB CONSULTANȚA ȘI CONTABILITATE team includes extremely qualified personnel: financial auditors, charted accountants, evaluators, tax consultants, Romanian, and foreigners.


“ Professionalism and efficiency. I confidently recommend the IB Contab team because the people are very knowledgeable and always prepared with exact solutions to the problems you encounter!

George I. – CEO

"A team of people you can rely on. Right from the start of our collaboration, they helped us solve problems at that time and then came up with recommendations that we followed with confidence! Thank you for your service!"

Relu M. – Regional Director

"For accounting services, I confidently recommend the IB Contab team. For over 4 years we have had an excellent collaboration! Thank you for the excellent services!"

Adrian B. – Administrator